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More choices than ever – and why you need an expert

Much like with your smartphone and your source of television shows, the choices small business owners have today for which technology to use in their companies are overwhelming.

Some of the common questions we run into…

Do I store my data in-house or in “the cloud” – or both?

Do I want to use a PC for compatibility or a Mac because I already have an iPad and iPhone?

What’s a Microsoft “Surface” anyway?

How do I know my backed up data is safe AND there for me when I need it?  Can I get to my data from my phone or tablet?

Why do some companys charge $1/GB/mo for backup and others give me 1TB/yr for only $500?

Why should I by “business computers” when Sam’s and Costco have such good deals?

Why isn’t an email I sent from my iPhone in my Outlook?

For small business owners, the ability to “do business” on any given day is a BIG deal.  We have to watch every dollar and be sure we’re spending our time and money as wisely as possible.  There’s no room for extra costly baggage to drag along with us – whether we’re talking about employees or servers!

Big Box stores, office supply stores and some reps from companies like Dell will tell you that they “have your back” and understand all your business needs.  Never mind that the person you’re talking to most likely has never owned a business.  These companies are organized around selling new products…period.  That’s the very nature of a brick-and-mortar store.

Even companies like Dell and HP – both of which make some very good desktops and servers – really exist to move products.  They are far more interested in closing a deal than they are in your bottom line.


At Missing Link, we ARE a small business.  We have to deal with the same questions you do on a daily basis.  Just like you, we operate right here in Central Kentucky.  The only difference is that we ARE the experts when it comes to Information Technology.

Our sales people are technical people.  Our technical people understand sales.  ALL of our people understand the value of your data and of your time.  We have invested in the tools and training to do the job right.

We know how important it is that EVERY ONE of your tools function like a Japanese Ginsu knife – every time.  We also know that technology is a finicky beast – zillions of circuits crammed into tiny spaces and built for cheapest cost possible!  Combined with the threats which exist in today’s internet-connected world, there WILL be problems.

Not every one of these problems requires an expensive solution – but every one requires a working and RELIABLE answer.

Don’t guess about what your business I.T. needs are.

Call Mike Runyon at 859.285.0541 or email him (mike@MissingLinkIT.com) to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment with us today.  You can learn more about Missing Link Managed I.T. at www.MissingLinkIT.com

FREE updates to Windows 10

For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on Windows 10 (either because you HATE 8.1 or you just want something new!), the newest version of Windows will be available

on July 29.

If you already have a legal version of Windows 7 or 8.1, you can update to Windows 10 free – some of you may already be seeing a prompt from Microsoft to “Reserve your copy”.

The exception to this free update are those of you running Windows Enterprise versions.

If you are building a new system, Windows 10 Home will set you back $119, while Windows 10 Pro will be $199.

For a list of some features that WON’T be in Windows 10, check this out:

Is this the final LINK in a chain of investments…?

When Jeff Bezos unveils the widely anticipated Amazon smartphone on Wednesday, it is expected to not only have “razzle-dazzle features such as motion sensors and a 3-D interface,” writes the Seattle Times’ Brier Dudley, but also could entice users with “cheap or free service to buyers who also subscribe to its Prime shipping and media-services bundle.” GoTo http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/228047/amazon-smartphone-may-be-its-missing-link.html

Enjoy the Read!


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