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Cloud Services


  • If you’re tired of the endless cycle of buying computers, laptops, servers and backup hardware, this is the solution for you.
  • No more guessing about what your I.T. costs will be this year – with MissingLinkCOMPLETE, we can provide a COMPLETE I.T. solution for your company at a flat rate per month – PERIOD.
  • Call Mike Runyon today at 859-285-0514 to see if your company is a good candidate for MissingLinkCOMPLETE.

Hosted Email

  • Don’t want the hassle or expense of maintaining your own email server?  We can offer you corporate email solutions with the same features as Microsoft Exchange, whether you have one user or a hundred.
  • Our email solutions allow you to have the same inbox, sent items (in fact, ALL of your folders), along with your contacts and calendar items on ALL of your devices – from your smartphone to Outlook.  No more looking for that item on your phone that you sent from your desktop!

OffSite/Cloud Backups

  • Typically used in conjunction with a solid ONSITE backup solution, our cloud-based backups use state of the art technology to provide continuous off-site copies of your data with a minimum impact on your internet connection.  The backups maintain at least 30 days of offsite data, secure and accessible only by our people and yours.

Email Filtering

  • We offer world-class email filtering solutions from various providers, offering full administrative control, both at the domain and individual level – whitelists/blacklists, daily quarantine reports, easy message retrieval and more.

Email Continuity

  • Ever wonder how you send and receive email when your email server is down?  You don’t!  UNLESS you have our new Email Continuity solution.  Our systems deliver email to your Outlook, web browser and mobile devices – even when your server is down.  Once the server is back up, both INCOMING and OUTGOING messages are re-integrated into your corporate mailbox as if nothing ever happened.

Email Encryption

  • Easy to use message encryption – something both you and the people you send message to can work with without an I.T. degree.  Message recipients are NOT required to setup special accounts.

Email Archiving

  • Many industries are now required to maintain “legally compliant” email backups for several years.  Our email archiving solution meets all of the current regulatory requirements through the use of clearly defined, easy to manage policies and procedures.
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