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Time is running out to upgrade for CHEAP to Windows 8!

Attention, Windows Vista or 7 users!

Whether you’re a big fan of Windows 8 or not, if you think you might want to upgrade you CURRENT computer to Windows 8, you should purchase the upgrade BEFORE January 31st!

The introductory upgrade price of the Windows 8 Home AND Pro version of $39.99 is going to expire after that.

Now let me address of few things you might be wondering about:

–        While there are no guarantees, our experience has shown that any desktop or laptop that can run Windows 7 (or was cursed with Windows Vista) seems to be able to handle Windows 8 just fine.  It’s best to have 4 – 6GB of RAM but we’ve seen it work ok with as little as 3GB.

–        If you think you’re going to use your current machine for even one more year (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE STILL RUNNING VISTA), it’s probably worth $40 to get to Windows 8.

–        You do not have to INSTALL the Windows 8 upgrade before Feb 1st, you just have to BUY it.  It is a DOWNLOAD ONLY upgrade at that price; however, you have the option to download the files (around 2GB) and install at a later time.

–        You CAN use Windows 8 without a touch screen.  We use it in both touch and non-touch environments.  Frankly, it’s not that much different than a telephone – we all can use one to make a call, whether we mean the one at home on a desk with just touch-tone keys or the smartphone in our pocket.  As the owner of a Dell XPS 12 Windows 8 Ultrabook/Tablet, I will concede that the touch capabilities do make it BETTER – but only for some things.

–        Windows XP users are technically able to purchase the upgrade; however, we’ve not seen many XP machines still in service which could adequately run Windows 8.

–        MOST programs that will run in Windows 7 (or Vista) will run in Windows 8.

–        ONE CAUTIONARY NOTE: Any of you who may have a touch-capable Windows 7 computer should verify your screen will support the touch portions of Windows 8.  Generally, the screen has to be completely flat all the way to the edges (no raised bevel) to fully utilize Windows 8 gestures.

–        LASTLY, we do want to say that your business may not be quite ready for Windows 8 just yet.  Much more thought and planning has to go into your business computing environment than your personal computers.  While PURCHASING the upgrades now might be a wise move, we’ll need to wait until we can be sure your other software will be supported under Windows 8 before INSTALLING.


I won’t use this time to address all the different nuances of Windows 8 – I will just say that it’s not as scary or horrible as it’s made out to be and you can pretty much just use it like you do Windows 7 – as long as you’re willing to learn a few new mouse tricks and/or finger gestures.

The upgrade process is fairly smooth and takes about an hour or so (after the files download).  The upgrade warns you of software that won’t work or requires special procedures BEFORE you commit.  If you choose correctly, you will still have your settings and data.


If you have further questions or need our assistance with an upgrade, please contact Mike Runyon at mike@MissingLinkLEX.com or 859-285-0514.

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